Junction Australia One Voice

Junction Australia hosted business and community leaders at the One Voice event, with a discussion around working towards gender equality.

1/12Robert Simms, Natalie Fuller, Barbara Pocock and Natasha Stott Despoja.
2/12Robyn Layton, Rob DiMonte, Janine Hendry and Rebecca Morse.
3/12Hendri Mentz, Megan Field, Maria Palumbo and Pat Gerace.
4/12Jane Doyle, Bruce Djite and Katrine Hildyard.
5/12Rob DiMonte, Andrew Culley and Trevor Cooke.
6/12Pat Gerace, Claire Taylor and Adam Miller.
7/12Ruth Ambler, Tammy Franks, Janine Hendry and Sandy Pitcher.
8/12Natasha Stott Despoja, Robyn Layton, Jane Lomax-Smith, Barbara Pocock and Tammy Franks.
9/12Monique Aidone, Nick Giulanetti, Brad McKenzie and Julie Wrobel.
10/12Rowan Barbery, Fairlie Delbridge, Christie Bailey and Chris Vounasis.
11/12Georgia Spehr, Sheryl Mascolo, Bruce Djite and Bart Mascolo.
12/12Merrilyn Matthews, Danielle Gordon, Bonnie Trinh and Karina Smith.
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