ECH Encore Apartments opening

ECH hosted the opening for its vertical village, Encore Apartments.

1/12Bill Kouts, Hanan Jamal and Justin Wight.
2/12Irene Gardner, Julie Cooper and Peggy McCarron.
3/12Cam Bryson, Dorothy Nycz and Damien Williams.
4/12Hannah Murphy and Sandra Szondi.
5/12Jill and Mick Leithbowro.
6/12Linda and Robert Knowles.
7/12Liz smith, Denise Edge and Shirley Busbridge.
8/12Melanie Atkinson and Carolyn Dawkins.
9/12Peter and Meredith Lackery.
10/12Rachel Schmidtke and Josh Katnich.
11/12Sheree Chambers and Frank Wanganeen.
12/12Veronica and Peter Parmenter.
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