Restless Dance Theatre anniversary

Restless Dance Theatre celebrated their 30th anniversary at The Lab in Light Square.

1/8Mary Couros, Michelle Ryan, Kerry de Lorme and Richard Jasek. Image by Matt Byrne
2/8Bhodi Hudson and Emma Stokes. Image by Matt Byrne
3/8Brian Elphick, Bernice Jasek and Nick Hughes. Image by Matt Byrne.
4/8Catherine Fitz-Gerald, Boram Lee and Sarah Feijen. Photo by Matt Byrne
5/8Jayne Boase, Alex Hurfurd, Michelle Ryan and Tuula Roppola. Image by Matt Byrne
6/8Julie Moralee and Andrew van Essen. Image by Matt Byrne.
7/8Kiah Elsworthy, Kerry de Lorme and Bernice Jasek. Image by Matt Byrne.
8/8Richard Jasek, Kerry de Lorme, Michelle Ryan and Kiah Elsworthy. Image by Matt Byrne.
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