AmCham luncheon

American Chamber of Commerce members and guests from all over Australia gathered in Adelaide for the AmCham Future Adelaide: A City Designed for Life luncheon.

1/12Amelia Langhans, Kirk Fernandez and Sharee Redic.
2/12Brendan Rinaldi, April Palmerlee and Simon Burgess.
3/12Rasa Buckley, Nick Reade, Sandy Verschoor, Brendan Nelson and Jamie Briggs.
4/12Nick Reade, Malcolm Roe, Justin Jamieson, Manuel Ortigosa and Nikki Govan.
5/12Brendan Nelson, Linda Williams and Mark Carroll.
6/12Paul Flynn, Briony Marshall, Cameron Bachelor, Jenny Dubon and Lester Wynne-Jones.
7/12Jack Mahoney, Christine Zeitz and Brendan Nelson.
8/12Bill Rose, Nick Mondou, Tom Pennington and Christine Zeitz.
9/12Nicholas Moretti and Tanya Wilkins.
10/12Malcolm Roe, Andrew Mills, Andrew James, Chris Clarkson, Jack Mahoney and Richard Burley.
11/12David Slama, Al Jawhari and Kate Croser.
12/12Sandy Donaldson, Rebecca Chapman, Margot Cook and Ben Duggan.
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