NPSP Business Networking Event

More than 80 guests attended the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters end of year networking drinks at Adelaide Appliance Gallery.

1/7Justin Walls, Stella Walls, Alexandra Walls and Zoe Walls.
2/7Anna Wilson, Claire Pemble, Stacey Evreniadis and Tyson McLean.
3/7Michael Greco and Andrew Ktoris.
4/7Judith Duffin, Debra Litchfield and Christel Mex.
5/7Calven Zheng, Gautami Patel and Raj Patel.
6/7Riley Bishop, Greg Lyell, Chantal Bishop and Joanne Rosa.
7/7Tomas Evan, Janice Evan, Vince Messineo and Rebecca Weatherill.
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