Flinders University Alumni Awards

The achievements of 14 outstanding Flinders University graduates were acknowledged at the 2021 Flinders University Alumni Award gala at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

1/16Millie Allcroft and Ben Tripodi.
2/16Alyce Martin and Kristina Martin
3/16Philippa Goodes, Rosalie Grivell, Meredith Sack and Denise Caretti.
4/16Kate Ackland, Sam Ackland, Petra Traeger , Jack Kempson and Casey Herrick.
5/16Maggi Miles and Gary Lines.
6/16Frederik Saltre and Katharina Peters.
7/16Bruna Andelkovic, Elizabeth Naumczyk and Margaret Hosking.
8/16Alan Tucker and Serena Ruiz.
9/16Jack Kempson and Casey Herrick.
10/16Kate Ackland and Sam Ackland.
11/16Himal Kandel, Sahina Kandel and Sandra Kandel.
12/16Dr Rosemary Brooks and Simon Stevens.
13/16Elena Vereker and Lee Cumberlidge.
14/16Elspeth McInnes and Eleanor Kay.
15/16Nick Goss, Elspeth McInnes, Eleanor Kay and Andrew Kay.
16/16Anthony Thomas, Joan Thomas, Ionie Brennan and Max Brennan.
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