Tonsley Connections

Renewal SA held its first major networking event since the pandemic for business people who work at the Tonsley Innovation District. 

1/11Alana-Rose Copozza, Michael Dew and Emily Villani.
2/11Meredith Waterhouse, Simon O’Callaghan and Raphael Murphy.
3/11Quentin Roberts and Theo Strecker.
4/11David Reid, Craig Durrheim and Joanne Erskine.
5/11Kathleen Drew, Mark Drechsler and Amanda McNamara.
6/11Angelina Russo and Rontheo Van Zyl.
7/11Wenhao Li and Yang Yang.
8/11Steve Trewartha, Wayne Leong, Susanne and Evan Sahlos.
9/11Mark Borlace, Angela DiFabio and David Day.
10/11Peter Ryan-Kane and Fiona Mansfield.
11/11Ronain Bertin and Laura Carr.
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