Leaders Institute graduation

Nearly 200 guests attended the graduation of participants of the 2021 Leaders Institute of South Australia’s Governor’s Leadership Foundation program.

1/10Kathryn House, Kate Stock and Alexandra Dimos.
2/10Sophie Doyle, Nat Cook and Melanie Tate.
3/10Andrew Reed, Jeremy Schutlz and Joshua Teague.
4/10David Wild and Jessica Wild.
5/10Cathie Brown, Todd Roberts, Frances Adamson and Rod Bunten.
6/10Anthony Pryzibilla, Callum Pryzibilla, Riley Pryzibilla and Nadia Pryzibilla.
7/10Saibeth Wells and Steve Logos.
8/10Sophie Doyle, Gemma Cooper, Chole Kempe and Emily Welyhorskyj.
9/10Alexandrea Cannon, Michael Kumatpi OBrien and Kathryn House.
10/10Emma Fey, Marwa Abouzeid, Belinda Matijevic and Melanie Tate.
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