BankSA Trends Lunch

Around 250 business leaders gathered to hear the latest findings of the BankSA “Trends” economic bulletin exploring “The New Future of Work”. 

1/9Hayley Burns, Isobel Starkey, Dominique Basile and Nicole Richards.
2/9Aaron Hill, Ema Saric, David Firth and Giselle Rampersad.
3/9Chantel Crossman, Stephen Hodder, Dale Weetman, Ben Owen and Dora Maio.
4/9Lindsay Hick, Skye McDonald and Rakesh Mohindra.
5/9Stuart Murray and Mario Bonomi.
6/9Graham Vasileff, David Firth and Keith Hentschke.
7/9Elizabeth Alvaro, Adrian O’Dea and Biela McMillan.
8/9Steven Michos, Robert Bergamin and Steve Salandra.
9/9Peter Gillard, Kerry Teakle, Luisa Mercurio, Jason Eitel and Andrew Dallisson.
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