Variety Vintage

Twelve prominent South Australian wineries each donated a barrel of their finest 2019 vintage wine to bottle, exclusively label, and auction for the Variety Vintage Wine Action at the National Wine Centre.

1/10Emma Barratt and Sam Davidson.
2/10Debbie and Scott Reed.
3/10Karrie-Anne Lawson and Kirra Verdnik.
4/10Penny York, Judy McPherson and Jan Hallifax.
5/10Peter Dunn and Michelle Bowen.
6/10Anthony Scott and Jeremy Oliver.
7/10Tom Walker and Aaron Walker.
8/10David Russ and Lucy Siegle.
9/10Mandy Madgen, Nicole Haack and Lisa Wehr.
10/10Lesley Dwyer and Kathryn Zeitz.
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