Eastside Business Awards

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters hosted the 2021 Eastside Business Awards at the St Peters Banquet Hall.

1/10Tom Timmins, Rhianna Dickson and Stefan Iannace.
2/10Steven Athinodorou and Johnny von Einem.
3/10Kamal Poudel and Saarath Pandey.
4/10Henry McGregor and Alex Flood.
5/10Jimmy Furkaliev and Chris Papa.
6/10Stuart Pool, Kate Robinson, Nicky Capurso and Jim Plouffe.
7/10Joe Cimmino, Tito Pignetti and Mario Barone.
8/10Rose Zerella and John Zerella.
9/10Jimmy Day, Paul Baker and Annabelle Baker.
10/10Cr Sue Whitington, Jill McNair and Derek McNair.
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