Fuliguline opening night

Guests attended the exhibition opening of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Guildhouse Collections Project Fuliguline at the Festival Theatre.

1/10Douglas Gautier, Michael Kutschbach, Kate Gould and Emma Fey.
2/10Leigh Robb and Belinda Howden.
3/10Jane Jeffreys, Talia Begley and Katie Sara.
4/10Gayle and Andrew Robertson with Kathy and Ross Hood.
5/10Deanne Loan, Carl Warmeant and Clare Belfrage.
6/10Stephen Atkinson, Christian Hall, Claudine Fernandez, Debbie Pryor and Matt Huppatz.
7/10Sarita Burnett, Christie Anthoney and Jade O'Donohue.
8/10Lisa Slade, Fiona Salmon and Charissa Davies.
9/10Robert Pontifex and Daniel Haines.
10/10Hayley Timms and Shivani Marx.
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