Take Your Seat

Scotch College Adelaide donors celebrated the Take A Seat Appeal at the Naval, Military & Air Force Club of SA.

1/12Chien-Li Holmes Liew, Barbara Xu and Emma Ewer.
2/12Bec Hodgson, Adam Shearer and Renee Shearer.
3/12Andrew Freeman and Pru Freeman.
4/12Ricardo Toro, Ana Gozalo, Helena Kopunic and Dan Kopunic.
5/12Karin Thomas, John Seeley, Claire Seeley and Sophie McAdam.
6/12Helen Ujvary, George Ujvary, Charlotte Ujvary and Abhra Bhattach.
7/12Nan Corones and Nat Bradford.
8/12John Newton, Emily Ciardiello and Ili Ciardiello.
9/12Sarahjane McIntyre and Steve McIntyre.
10/12Lisa Medlyn and David Medlyn.
11/12Matthew Buchanan and Nick Hodgson.
12/12James Jian, Barbara Xu, Stephen Norris and Sunny Norris.
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