UnitingCare Wesley Bowden nurse practitioner launch

A community of care providers attended Uniting Care Wesley Bowden for the launch of a new medical service to help Adelaide’s homeless.

1/8Eileen Willis, Fiona Kelly and Sue Pilkington.
2/8Eileen Willis, Michelle Adams, Fiona Kelly and Sue Pilkington.
3/8Brad and Diana with Mark Perry and Amanda Page.
4/8Stephen Wade, Alicia Bell, Yvonne Parry and Fiona Kelly.
5/8Sheryl Maung, Carol Shard, Chris Picton and Alison Kimber.
6/8Carol Shard, Alison Kimber and Chris Picton.
7/8Amanda Page, Diana, Brad, Nina Siverto and Louise Crack.
8/8Fiona Kelly, Mark Perry, Yvonne Parry, Chris Picton, Alison Kimber and Alicia Bell.
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