Oomiak anniversary celebration

Industrial refrigeration specialist Oomiak celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special event at Adelaide Oval this month.

1/10Denise Dwyer, David Zonca and Kim Zonca.
2/10Ray Tanner, Cate McGuire and Paul Reardon.
3/10Eddie Honda, Mark Holden and Peter O'Neil.
4/10Didi Colarusso, Kym Norris and Jason Calvaresi.
5/10Jacky Dakin, Mark Holden, Kathy Holden and Phillip Askin.
6/10Ray Tanner, Greg Pattinson and Marie Danvers.
7/10Cate McGuire and Mark Holden.
8/10Matt Mungall, Bernard Kiessling and Darren Cates.
9/10Ray Barry, Mark Holden and Ray Tanner.
10/10Paul Reardon, Peter Myhill, David O'Loughlin and Alison O'Loughlin.
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