Fassina Liquor milestone

More than 150 guests enjoyed premium sparkling wines and canapes at the Fassina Liquor 40-year anniversary celebration held at the Somerton Park store.

1/10Elise Fassina and Paul Tonellato.
2/10Mark Davis and Teresa Whitehorn.
3/10Susi Whiting, Adam Fassina and Kate Whiting.
4/10Ross Fassina and Anthony Bierbaum.
5/10Dora Ttikirou Wilksch and Cass Harvey.
6/10Justin McNamee, Jesse Kollias, Kate Whiting and Ben Harris.
7/10Susi Whiting and Adam Fassina.
8/10Talitha Vidau and Morgyn Davis.
9/10Shane Harris, Christine Powell and Ian Powell.
10/10Jim Jefferies, Jo Jefferies, Peter Davey and Prue Milner.
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