In conversation with a top gun in the defence industry

In this week’s Creating Synergy Podcast with Daniel Franco, Northrop Grumman Australia CEO Christine Zeitz talks about her journey to become Australia’s top female defence leader.

Oct 23, 2023, updated Jan 30, 2024

Daniel Franco, the CEO of SynergyIQ and InDaily 40 Under 40 alumnus, talks with Zeitz about the dynamics of leading in a male-dominated defense industry and her vision for diversity, as well as how she manages emotions, fears, and mental health given the high stakes of her role. Plus much more.

The “Creating Synergy” podcast is South Australia’s leading business and leadership podcast produced by Daniel Franco at SynergyIQ. Franco speaks to high-profile leaders and thinkers about their careers, leadership lessons, and how they enable transformation at a time of near-constant change.

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