Briefcase: Business Snippets from around South Australia

In this week’s briefcase, an SA company is named a Top GreenTech business by TIME Magazine, local games developers share $1.6 million of funding and a 3D metal printer receives Aerospace Industry accreditation.

Mar 25, 2024, updated Mar 25, 2024
An SA-based business solutions and services provider is expanding to New Zealand. Auckland file photo: AAP

An SA-based business solutions and services provider is expanding to New Zealand. Auckland file photo: AAP

South Australian business expands to New Zealand

Business solutions and services provider Solutions Plus Partnership (Solutions+) is expanding to New Zealand, creating an estimated 40 hi-tech jobs in the coming years.

In its tenth year, Solutions+ is an established partner for businesses wanting to streamline operations, enhance productivity and drive growth.

As part of the expansion, Solutions+ is partnering with Wiise ERP, a provider of cloud-based enterprise resource planning software for small and medium businesses.

The Department for Trade and Investment is working with Solutions+ on its expansion plans, which will see the workforce doubling within the next four years to 80 employees.

Founder and CEO of Solutions+ Allan Morichaud said the international expansion “aligns perfectly with our strategic vision of extending our footprint”.

“Our partnership with Wiise ERP strengthens our position as a leading provider of business solutions in the region,” Morichaud said.

– Isabella Kelly

SA company named Top GreenTech business by TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine has named CH4 Global as one of America’s Top GreenTech companies in recognition of its seaweed-based cattle feed supplements.

The SA company, which has a US administrative office in Nevada, was ranked 64th of 250 businesses in the list of “America’s top sustainability-focused companies, based on their positive environmental impact, financial strength, and innovation”.

“This recognition from TIME Magazine is a landmark achievement for CH4 Global and a strong validation of our commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions,” CH4 Global CEO Dr Steve Meller said.

“Our team is proud to lead the charge in reducing methane emissions and contributing to the global effort to mitigate climate change.”

– David Simmons

Yoghurt company mooves to protect marine ecosystems

Moo Premium Foods has announced a partnership with Sea World Foundation which it said will contribute to marine conservation efforts in Australia.

The Glynde-based company said that for every Moo yoghurt tub sold, 10 cents will be donated to the foundation, and anticipating raising over $50,000 within three months.

It said that the funds raised will contribute to Sea World Foundation’s ongoing research, rescue missions, and conservation activities for marine ecosystems.

Wayne Phillips, Head of Marine Sciences of Sea World Foundation said, “We are incredibly proud and thankful to partner with Moo Premium Foods on this collaboration which will have a positive impact on the marine environment.

“It is wonderful to partner with Moo Premium Foods who share our commitment to environmental responsibility and marine conservation efforts, and we look forward to seeing the partnership rolled out across Woolworths stores,” Phillips said.

– Kimberly Murray

A render of Living Choice’s facility at Burke Urban’s Newbridge development in Murray Bridge. Photo: supplied.

Final lots at Murray Bridge housing development to be released

Developer Burke Urban will release 31 new allotments at its Newbridge development, which is near the town’s golf course and will have two new fairways that weave through the neighbourhood.

The release was initially marked as potential “future accommodation” or “tourist site” but has now been allocated as residential allotments to help relieve the demand for housing in Murray Bridge.

“We set out to build a strong community and a green heart for Murray Bridge, and we are proud to see this project launching its final stage,” Burke Urban sales and marketing director Olivia Burke said.

“It’s been a joy to see this vision come to life with the completion of reserves, play spaces, and BBQ areas, along with the ever-growing community.

“Additionally, the street trees and verge landscaping have commenced and will continue until the project’s completion.”

The final stage consists of 31 new allotments ranging in size from 425-733m2, with prices starting at $139,000.

The development approval for this final stage has been received, with construction due to start mid-year 2024 with the aim to be complete by the end of the year.

David Simmons

SA games developers share in $1.6m of funding

Screen Australia will support 12 video game developers with more than $1.6 million in funding, including three South Australian developers.

The Games Production Fund will back 12 games, while 15 games will receive support from the Emerging Gamemakers Fund.

Federal Minister for the Arts Tony Burke said Australia had a “proud history” of video game development.

“What this does is support the future of Australian game development, making sure we don’t miss out on the next Unpacking or Untitled Goose Game,” he said.

“Many of these games might not be set in Australia – or even on this planet – but they do show the best of Australian creativity and storytelling.”

The South Australian funded projects are:

Anvilheart: In this story-driven shop management game, a vagrant’s dream of a better life is suddenly realised when they find themselves stumbling into a blacksmithing apprenticeship. As if from nowhere, they suddenly have everything they were missing – a warm home, friends and a mentor. But they soon discover this miracle is founded on a monstrous secret: the house fire that triggered it all was masterminded by a madman, who made this life for the vagrant after peering into their dreams. Anvilheart is from co-founder and creative director Sean Dee, co-founder and programmer Emma Waters, programmer Elle Valentine, character artist James Hobbs, environment artist Harry Mickan and composer John Oestmann.

Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers: In this auto-battle deckbuilder roguelike game, players can collect and battle over 180 unique creatures called Kādomon. They can level up, evolve and assemble their Kādomon into the ultimate team, creating synergies to beat big bosses and discover secrets. Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers is from CEO/MD/founder Patrick Sigley and producer Rhiannon James.

Crimson Cutlass: In this two-player rogue-lite co-operative multiplayer game, players roleplay as Priscilla, the fearless warrior who seeks the fun of the fight, along with her loveable gentle giant childhood friend Gym(maine). In Crimson Cutlass, time travel meets a post-apocalyptic ocean world, thousands of years in the future. New age cultures are founded upon ancient relics, which each society has independently stumbled upon – where they must either find peace amongst themselves or resist the peace imposed upon them. The team includes creative director Arthur Ah Chee, animator Evan De wolf and lead programmer Peter Cowen.

David Simmons

SA 3D metal printing firm receives accreditation to manufacture parts for the Aerospace Industry

South Australian 3D metal printing firm AML3D has announced it has achieved AS9100D accreditation, meaning it can now design, develop and manufacture aviation, space and defence products.

“Having the ambition to target and then achieve AS9100D accreditation is a significant milestone for AML3D and is a great credit to the talent, expertise and dedication of our people,” said AML3D’s CEO Sean Ebert.

“It demonstrates our ability to deliver quality components into the aviation, space and defence sectors; enhances our credibility and reputation as a leading provider of advanced additive manufacturing solutions and positions AML3D as a highly competitive player in the Aerospace market.

“We are continuing to see momentum build in our US ‘Scale-up’ strategy, which delivered over $12 million of orders in 2023, and expanding further into the US and other significant global Aerospace and Defence sectors, a key part of AML3D’s growth strategy, will be helped by having AS9100D.”

– Charlie Gilchrist

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