A Street Art Explosion across Adelaide

Adelaide Fringe’s Street Art Explosion is helping to showcase some of the colourful art hidden in laneways and brightening bare walls across the city.

1/12Found in Chesser Lane are works from @akajimmyc, @aureliacarbone, @order55, @elizabethclosearts and @mimbyjonesrobinsonart.
2/12Recently completed by @bankslave on Eliza Street.
3/12The latest large-scale project by Lisa King [instagram: @artoflisaking] can be found on Park Terrace in Bowden.
4/12On Eliza Street you will find many pieces by the SANAA crew, including this one by @swift9graffiti.
5/12This lady, by @fredrocker, has been around since 2015. You can find her in Topham Mall near Kangkong Adelaide.
6/12Adelaide Fringe Ambassador James Cochran's [instagram: @akajimmyc) latest work in Chesser Lane.
7/12New work by @fredrocker in the Zhivago Nightclub laneway.
8/12Completed late 2015, this large mural by @vanstheomega is on Twin Street, off Rundle Mall.
9/12Tucked away in a laneway off Leigh Street is this piece by @adnate.
10/12One of many works that are part of the Little Rundle Street Art Project - "Attention Seeker" by @fredrocker and @leah.grant.
11/12Close-up: this new work from @mimbyjonesrobinsonart is in Chesser Lane alongside murals by @akajimmyc, @aureliacarbone, @order55 and @elizabethclosearts.
12/12Honouring long-time barber in the East End, "Frank The Barber" by Nick Phillips is tucked away behind Mothervine on Franks Lane.
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