Review: Dave Hughes – Deluded

There’s barely a gap in the audience laughter at a Dave Hughes show … so be warned, you may leave with an aching jaw. ★★★★

Feb 27, 2017, updated Feb 27, 2017

Hughesy, known not only for his comedy but as a popular media personality, draws large crowds every time he comes to Adelaide. Is it his unbelievably ocker accent? His seeming disinterest in weighing in on political happenings? Or perhaps just his refreshingly honest take on life?

In these uncertain times of political hubbub and economic turmoil, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and acknowledge the simpler things in life that we find humorous – relationships, children and “Adelaide’s one tram that comes every 20 minutes”.

Hughes’ Deluded is the latest version of a tour-tested routine, but by no means does that make it unfunny, with the comedian often extending into the realm of “saying what everybody’s thinking” when discussing family life, bodily functions and the tendencies of annoying people.

Self-deprecation is a big part of his act; it’s clear Dave Hughes doesn’t take himself or life too seriously. Even when discussing career successes and failures, it’s all really just a bit of a laugh.

Hughes doesn’t seem to ever stop talking, shrewdly linking each anecdote in the 60-minute show with a barrage of “Whatevers” or “Good on you, good on them, good on us”, etc. This means there’s rarely room for a break in the audience laughter.

It is said that the best comedians make your jaw ache, and Hughes achieves this. His material isn’t necessarily deep or thought-provoking, but the show is a fun night out and well worth the price of admission.

Four stars 

Dave Hughes – Deluded is at The Vagabond, Garden of Unearthly Delights, until March 5.

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