Film review: The BFG

When director Steven Spielberg decides to take on a story, he never does so half-heartedly. ‘The BFG’ is no exception.

Jun 30, 2016, updated Jun 30, 2016

Apparently, Spielberg had been keen to make a movie of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story for a long time and to do so he surrounded himself with the same team that so successfully created ET the Extra Terrestrial more than three decades ago.

Melissa Mathison wrote the screenplay and John Williams the score, but unfortunately the film never reaches the emotional impact of ET. It is, however, a solid kids’ movie that will be enjoyed by many.

When young orphan Sophie is taken away from her dorm in the night by a scary giant, things don’t seem to be going so well. But as it turns out, the giant is friendly and the two become friends.

The Big Friendly Giant (or BFG, for short) is bullied by the other, even bigger and scarier, giants for not eating children. Sophie and the BFG will have to take the matter to the Queen in London to get rid of those nasty giants once and for all.

As well as being quite thrilling, there are some lovely, heart-warming moments in the film and some funny ones, too, especially if you are into fart humour. My test audience of one six-year-old and a nine-year-old were both entranced.

I am not sure if it made a big difference to see The BFG in 3D, though. I’d recommend it for those aged six to 11; it’s too scary for younger kids and a bit childish for older children, so certainly no new ET, but still well worth seeing.

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