Review: Cirque Africa

My Adelaide Fringe began with a laugh and 10 ripped bodies hanging from poles. ★★★★½

Feb 21, 2017, updated Feb 21, 2017

Cirque Africa – presented under the Big Top in Hindmarsh Square – is a uniquely African experience that mixes up dance, acrobatics and comedy.

The male acrobats are breathtakingly good as they build statues with their bodies, and so are the lone performers. One woman seemingly-effortlessly balances and spins all kinds of objects on her feet, including a table. There’s a man who in turn balances on cylinders – not just one or two of them, but five moving cylinders.

Those watching were in raptures for most of the performance. Accompanied by live original music, Cirque Africa is high energy but also hilarious, thanks to the audience participation number.

We were told that normally the show would be two hours’ long but for me and my 10-year-old companion, one hour was perfect. There was not a dull moment … though there was a strange dancing sack at one point which kept us mesmerised and wondering.

MC Papa Africa held it all together with humour and fine-tuned skill.

If you are considering a show for children who have outgrown the usual kiddie performances, this one is highly recommended. But of course you don’t have to be a child to marvel at the routines.

The acrobatics are absolutely world-class, so if you are a circus fan, Cirque Africa could be your pick of the Fringe 2017.

Four-and-a-half stars

Cirque Africa is performing under the Big Top in Hindmarsh Square until March 19.

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