Wil Anderson – Free Wil

For an 18th anniversary of Fringe performances, this is no coming-of-age experience – it is 60 minutes of vibrant, come-at-you humour, with polished delivery by the consummate jester in the king’s court. This self-proclaimed completely improvised show is a hit.

Anderson is an entertainer who knows how to ride the bubbles of interactive fluid comedy. He puffs, blows and pops from laugh to incessant laugh, working with his core material: us. We are the special guests, the basis for a lot of the material and, importantly, not cheap targets.

Against the red-velvet backdrop, this is classy as Wil works the front rows, weaving us together; his ability to segue effortlessly produces the creative cohesion you’d expect from a comedian of his ilk. And he is impressive.

A stand-out strength is Anderson’s vulnerability; this is a man who is comfortable in his own skin. Among the jokes generated through the banter with the punters is an honesty about who he is and how he feels. He is intimate and personal, sharing details about his life that we don’t need to know but which send the message – laugh with me. And we do.

As the show begins, we are challenged to “make a shit-load of noise” to match the buzz of anticipation with rampant satisfaction. Anderson frees the spirit, embraces our human foibles and simply cracks us up. Underlying the laughter is a layer of respect – for self, for others, for life.

The basis for the worth of any comedy show is its ability to make you laugh. Free Wil does this in spades. and there is a depth of delivery here that gives you so much more. Wil Anderson is dynamic!


Free Wil is being performed in the Vagabond in the Garden of Unearthly Delights until March 15.

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