Desperate and Dateless

Mar 09, 2015

Desperate and Dateless is a surprise package of faultless singing, biting comedy and slick dance moves.

It is performed with great style, talent and fun by Ginger and Tonic, an cappella group of four women with beautiful voices, smooth harmonies and driving vocal percussion.

The concept of parodying the stereotypes of single women playing the dating game is carried seamlessly through lyrical changes to popular songs and hilarious banter. Jane (the new-age health and fitness junkie), Carena (the social media and dating site addict), Emma (“I’m just looking for Mr Right Now”) and Amy (the stalker) all carry off their roles with great comedic effect.

The highlight, though, is the singing – especially Emma’s Jackson-like performance of “Blame it on the Booger”,  and parodies of “Cinderella” (Tinderella), “Fever” (a word that rhymes with Fever) and “Halo” (Hello).

Several more mature gentlemen in the audience may still be recovering from Amy’s close attention.

An hour of full entertainment by a very classy group before a sell-out audience deserved a much larger venue than The Rastelli at the Royal Croquet Club, but  Ginger and Tonic made the most of the intimate atmosphere to create a memorable experience.

Desperate and Dateless’s season at the Royal Croquet Club has now finished.

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