Cal Wilson – Undercurrents

Feb 20, 2015

Cal Wilson lights up the sparse wooden stage of The Factory, a large wooden box at the end of the Garden of Unearthly Delights, with her new show Undercurrents.

She is a warm and generous performer who puts the audience at ease and on edge at the same time.

Wilson’s humour is bright and frenetic, with some very funny lines almost missed in the frenzy. She invites the audience to share their thoughts and favourite expressions. Her brilliant ad lib is so natural it is barely perceptible and sounds like part of the show.

The comedian puts her unique spin on topics such as the Edinburgh Fringe, Christmas and Santa, Easter and parenting, and unusual body parts.

Although born in New Zealand, Wilson has lived in Australia for 11 years and, like most great Kiwi performers, she is now claimed as one of our own, but the accent and down-to-earth nature add to her humour. She tackles racism against Kiwis and others with both hilarity and a message.

This is a very funny show that builds over the 60 minutes as the large audience picks up on Wilson’s enthusiasm and observations of the absurdities of life and words. It’s excellent value; I was so busy laughing, I almost forgot how uncomfortable the wooden bench seats were.

Cal Wilson (as her son calls her) is the cute, smiling friend that everyone loves. A talented and popular comedian. But watch out for the undercurrents.

Cal Wilson is performing in the Garden of Unearthly Delights – The Factory until March 1st.



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