Feb 16, 2015

Psyche! is an entertaining show of tricks and illusions by Australian mentalist and hypnotist Phoenix.

What’s the secret word or number an audience member wrote on a piece of paper? What’s the exotic maiden name of another’s mother? Will “Diane”, called at random on her mobile phone, play along with the show? It’s all good fun and smoothly presented by Phoenix.

Fans of TV’s Derren Brown will recognise some of these illusions.  Many of them, such as The Oracle, are well-known in magic circles.  Phoenix says he’s not a psychic and he doesn’t do mind reading, but uses psychological insights to perform his illusions.  I’ll leave you to decide how he does it!

The water-tank finale is extremely well executed and definitely the high point of the show.

Saturday night’s audience was small, and the applause a little slow at times, but everyone was very enthusiastic as they left the show.  Phoenix is happy to meet with audience members after the performance and seems like a thoroughly nice chap.

The Sydney-based performer has brought another show to the Fringe, a comedy hypnosis routine called Mind Games, also on at Gluttony.

Psyche! is playing at Gluttony – The Peacock until February 22.

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