Watching retired C.I.A Agent Frank Moses ‘playing house’ with girlfriend Sarah Ross, is a fun way to set the scene for this action-packed comedy Red 2, complete with thrill-seeking adventures and a hefty dose of crime thrown in for good measure.

There is no shortage of mayhem, chaos and ‘edge of the seat’ moments in this powerhouse movie, with outstanding performances from the reunited operative team, Bruce Willis (Frank), John Malkovich (Marvin) and Helen Mirren (Victoria). Catherine Zeta-Jones (Katja) is as feisty, flirtatious and watchable as ever, while Mary-Louise Parker (Sarah) is the icing on the cake. Byung-hun Lee (Han Cho Bai) as ‘the best contract killer in the world’ offers fresh, impressive moves and Anthony Hopkins’ rendition of the mad scientist (Dr. Edward Baily) is flawless.

There is plenty of intrigue and action as this captivating film takes its twists and turns. In lesser hands it could have fallen short, but the brilliant cast do not skip a beat or miss a trick, even when they find themselves in tight places. With guns blazing, bombs detonating and all the car chases you’d expect from this genre, an interesting thread follows the storyline, that we are hard-wired for relationships, providing investigation into what keeps people together and interjections from each character.

Picturesque aerial shots of Hong Kong, Paris, London and Moscow fill the screen and transport us across the globe, as do the games people play in order to gain status and notoriety. The cartoon style special effects also serve to bring this message home.

Red 2 has all the right ingredients and delivers the goods from start to finish, with a few mouth-gaping moments, wicked humour, exquisite timing and a stronger plot than it’s 2010 predecessor, this is a must see for action fans.

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